Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Todays Adventure!!!

JUNE 4th, 2014
So as of today I pulled all the lettuce that was going to seed (It was taking over the world) And what you are looking at in this photo is a cilantro plan t(center that looks dead) going to seed.  Far right carrots growing beautifully.  Right behind the cilantro is a Greek Basil (dried some last year and it has amazing flavor)  And then along the back are 3 giant tomato plants that took to the system so well that they already have blooms on them.  There are also about 4 different types of pepper plants that are looking pretty good.  One is starting to yellow a bit but that might be shock from me pulling so many different varieties of lettuce out from around them.  There is also a small patch of oregano in these beds and thyme.  The thyme actually flowered out but it's behind the basil so you can't see it.  Yesterday the basil was twice this size but I cut the flowers all off of it so It will keep growing.  It is a very pretty plant. 
  The photo doesn't do this tomato plant justice.  This plant is a good 4 feet tall and has reached the roof of the greenhouse.  Dennis put a trellis behind it to help support it.  It has gone wild.   I also have some onions in this bed but when I'm messing with the other plants the onions get damaged quickly and flop over.  We will see if they end up growing or not.  In the front by the valve is a mint plant that Connie (my sweet mother in law) gave me.  And the light green plant near the side of the bed is a lime basil and I have to say I love the smell of the lime basil the best.  I still haven't tried it in a recipe but soon I will be adding it to my crock pot fajita recipe.  YUMMMMM!

This is the first jalapeno plant I put into the grow beds.  I have peppers!!!!!!  I have been so tempted to pick these from the second I saw them.  I can't wait to taste them.
In front of this jalapeno pepper is a small bell pepper plant that I had planted in my garden.  It was struggling so I planted it here to chart the difference between in and the others that are in my garden.  Fingers crossed they all take off quickly.
This is a view of the other side of our greenhouse.  In the grow beds you can see the tallest plant in the background...well that is a yellow cherry tomato plant that had reseeded itself in my garden from last year (I only use heirloom seeds so if a plant drops seeds then they will likely take root) and so Dennis mentioned tossing it in the grow beds to see what it would do.  Well it started smaller than all those tomatoes sitting in pots in front of the bed and once planted in the system it took off and has become massive.  I also have a cyanne pepper plant that has started to bloom and I noticed some tiny little peppers on it today too.  It was a first as well.  I forgot to take a pic of it though.  Maybe tomorrow. 

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