Monday, December 12, 2011

What have we been up to?????????????????????

Life I thought would slow down after Florida and all the Football stuff.  LOL yeah right if there is an open space it seems to get filled right away.  

But today and this evening its Christmas Lights and cookies with Friends.  Saturday was dinner and Cookies with friends, and this Saturday I might be doing pix for a friend of a friend!!!!!   Life is moving right along.

In home school I'm learning more and more about the Thomas Jefferson Eduction.  We've changed a few things and I need to update the curriculum.....but not today ;)

Today we are baking and writing our dear friends letters about Florida and then continuing a fun competition on who can come up with the most things they are grateful for by Friday where the winner will get a prize (a prize for everyone prob as they are all doing great at the competition)  

Now a few pix of our day today!  

Merry Christmas to All!!!!