Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden update

The garden is growing well.  Take a look for yourself. 
Kale is such a pretty plant.  especially if the bugs leave it alone.  LOL  I should really pick it to keep it from going to see. But it's so pretty. 
The green beans have blooms and I'm so excited to have fresh green beans for dinner.  :)
Spaghetti squash is really starting to look good.  It's starting to climb the arch.  I've never grown spaghetti squash before and I'm really excited about this one.  Looks like it's going to bloom soon too.
I started these late but they do have such pretty flowers on them.  I am trying to put them in a cage.  I saw on Pinterest that you could contain them but using a tomato cage.  I have to admit I'm wondering how but I'm willing to try it.  So we will see.  
 This is my favorite pepper plant.  Again it is a first.  It is suppose to be a Chinese 5 pepper and so it is not only suppose to be HOT but it should be very colorful as well.  The purple blooms and dark stems and leaves are already so very pretty.  
Jalapenos are looking good. 

 Yay finally a bell pepper! 
 And yep I'm almost positive this will be the most beautiful Anaheim pepper.  I can't wait to stuff it and bake it and enjoy it flavor.  YUMMMY!
The cucumber is starting to climb.  Haven't seen any blooms yet but it's taking off up it's trellis.  Man I need to trim around this garden bed. HaHa.  
 Tomatoes and Marigolds.  They have a very good relationship. 
On Saturday I noticed this little asparagus and was so excited to see another shoot of it.  That was 6 days ago.  Look at the photo below that I took this morning?  I'm touching the same shoot that 6 days ago was only about 2 inches tall. I'm so surprised it grew that fast.  I love it.  Another first for me.  I tried to start this from seed last year and it did okay but lost it over the extremely cold winter we had.  It was in a pot.  It didn't survive.  Oh well thank goodness for 2nd chances. 
Morning Glories and other flowers seem to be doing okay. Can't wait to see their color.  I have a feeling I'm going to dread winter when it gets here.  :((

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