Our Curriculum Choices for the year

I'm going to list these in order of how we do them in our personal homeschool

Scripture Study:  We are going thru the Book of Mormon this school year.  In my personal study I have been reading ahead of the family one chapter a night and using the Book of Mormon Institute Manual as a study guide for myself and by the next morning not only am I prepared to teach but I feel confident and I've had time to ponder on what I had read and what would be important for my family's specific needs.  We have been doing this for about a month now and I'm really enjoying this method of studying.

The Method We are trying out!:  "I am currently reading A Thomas Jefferson Education"

 And so far I am loving it.  I love the methods they suggest using for teaching your children.  I love how great I feel when I read it and we have started making small changes in our schooling slowly adapting to this method of Inspiring not Requiring.  And I'm finding that its totally working.  It's working better than my method of making them sit down and do what they don't want to do for hours everyday.  They are sitting down and doing their school but they are successfully choosing to do these things on their own (which I never thought would every happen) and learning more because I'm not forcing as much as I was.  I think I'm the one going through the largest change.  Natrually I've trained myself to push and require so much from them that I was not only making myself miserable most of the time but taking all the fun out of learning.  I know there is some controversy with this TJED method, and I appreciate the arguments but I totally felt right about this.  I do understand it's not for everyone, but so far it's working for us and the day it stops working then we will make a shift to something else that does.  

Character Building:  I have a list of daily responsiblities that are expected of each child everyday.  This list mainly deals with getting the house in order before we start our lessons for the day.  I'm including this as Character building, however in reality isn't life itself Character Building?  Anyhow, I rotate these responsibilities once a month on the 1st of every month.  It works well for our family so I'm keeping it!  hehe

Math: Saxon Math is where we are at and we love it.  I love that the Homeschool Saxon Math is very detailed and helps my kids understand the problem solving side of things 
Saxon Math Homeschool    

History: Love Story of the world and I'm mixing it with various things we find.  But I'm considering using Biblioplan
Hover Effect

Writing:  We are still working on this and have a few different ideas.  We might start joining a friend's group who is going to start and Authors Guild.  It sounds fun so we will think about that. But if you have any great ideas please let us know.  :)  We love new things

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