Self Sufficiency

Canning Dill Pickles for the fist time!!

So we canned pickles today and out of 12 jars I only have 8 left.  I used Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix and we will test the flavor and crunch of the pickles in a couple weeks.  I only have 8 left due to a mistake I made.  I have never canned pickles before and so my daughters and I added the cucumbers to the jars and the poured the mixture into the jars(which I think caused the liquid to cool down) and then added the jars to the already boiling water bath and 4 jars ended up breaking.  Probably due to the coolness of the jars being submersed in the hot water bath.  Anyway,  didn't do that twice and so we have 8 jars left.  :0)