Sunday School Lessons

September 21st Lesson #34
Use the study guide it will help you!
JULY 27th Lesson
 1 Kings 3; 5-11
This weeks study guide for Gospel Doctrine. 
What amazing detail we find in this weeks reading about the temple that King Solomon had built.  I'm learning so much from this weeks reading.  I also never knew that King Solomon had 700 wives and princesses, and 300 concubines?????????????   Really who needs that many women in their family.  Wow!
Can't wait to discuss the lesson this Sunday with everyone and hear their opinions and insights.  Happy Reading this week.  Share a comment or two with me if you don't attend our church or ward.  I do love to learn from others.


Here is this weeks Old Testament Reading assignment 1 Samuel 9-11; 13; 15-17 and a video to go along with it.    

This weeks lesson is Ruth 1-4 And 1 Samuel 1
Hope you enjoy the reading.  Use the newsletter to help you study and think of the reading a little deeper.  
I just got called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher in our little ward (church).  Gospel Doctrine is a Sunday school class where the Doctrine of the Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is taught.  This year we are learning about the Old Testament.  I have never studied the Old Testament and was a little worried but I'm LOVING it!  I'm learning so much and I've only taught two classes and will teach my third this Sunday.  This Sunday we will be learning about The Book of "Judges"  The following outline will help you think a little about the reading that we will be going over. 
Click on the Pic below to download the Handout for printing.

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