Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Boy

Wow my Boyz are growing up.  Pumpkin Pie served as Sky's cake this time!  Love ya Skyler you get more handsome by the second. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

P3 Grand Opening and Christmas Open House

Is having their Grand Opening and Christmas Open House this weekend.  Go check it out in OZARK, MO and enter to win great prizes.  They also have the Bear Express where you can build your own stuffed animals, (my kids loved that part)
Whether it's Pottery or Stuffed Animals stop by for some refreshments and take a look at Party place sure to win your heart.  Our family had so much fun I'm going to try to set up a Christmas Party for my kids to invite their friends and paint cute ornaments for their tree!!!

Address is 
5055 N. NN Hwy 
Ozark, MO 
Go and Have a Blast or email me and I will go with you!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photo shoot with Friends

Some friends ask if I could take their family pix before the leaves turned brown.  We barely caught the colors and this is the beautiful outcome.  Thanks guys for allowing me to take these, I really enjoyed it. 

My 12year old. I love you!!

On Deano's birthday we took a long bike ride and had  a picnic at the park.  We were so excited about the weather being nice in November.  It's not normal to have 75 degree days in November.  Here are some pix of our Day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Pottery Night.

So the sweet family that ask Dennis to build the barn invited us to their pottery studio for a dinner and fun.  It was so sweet of them to make such a wonderful night for us.  They started us off with music and a chicken dinner and then dessert, A DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CAKE!!!!!  YUMMY!!!!   Then it was downstairs to paint some adorable pottery in their P3 (PAINT, PARTY, PLAY) Studio, and off to the BEAR EXPRESS to create some loved stuffed animals.  I really don't know how we were so lucky to meet this AMAZING!!! family.  The created some great memories for our family last night.  Just look at the fun stuff  we took part in.  Our pictures are fun but I have to admit inside photos are always harder for me to get a good picture because of the flash.  If ANYBODY were to want to have a BLAST!!!  you should definitely go to the P3 (PAINT, PARTY, PLAY) in Ozark, MO.  All my kids keep asking if we can do their birthday parties there.  They do full parties and date nights and girls nights out and church group activities.  The Owners are LOVING, HELPFUL, AND WARM!  The atmosphere at their studio was just WONDERFUL!  Can anybody tell we had a GR8 time?  LOL!  I will definitely be going on some date nights here.  If you want to go with somebody, give me a shout, I'm ready to decorate my house with their lovely pottery.  They have so many wonderful techniques and ideas to choose from.  When we get the finished products I will post the pix of them.  If your interested in going their address is :

Paint, Party, Play
Bear Express
5055 North NN Hwy 
Ozark, MO