Saturday, June 21, 2014

A party spot in the grape vines. What would their parents say?!!

So I'm out in my garden this morning and I notice my grape vine had been used as a smorgasbord to some naughty bugs!  They have parked themselves on public property and are not only making out..., but destroying public property as well.   LOL   have no fear I have some seven dust near.  Fly away home you naughty bugs this area is patrolled.  Hurry before I charge you with indecent exposure, defacing public property, stealing food, and littering!!!YUCK.  

 This is some spaghetti squash that my mother in law gave me.  It's looking good and starting to climb the trellis. 

The garden is growing beautifully I added the onions in between the jalapeno and Chinese 5 color peppers and they seemed to start improving.  The little purple bloom is one of the Chinese 5 color peppers.  :)  Isn't it pretty.  The leaves are a deep color with a purple tint.  Very pretty.  Hopefully yummy and hot too. 
 I put these cages around the zucchini squash thinking it might help keep them more contained but I'm beginning to doubt it.  I just can't imagine how it will work although other people have said they have done it.  I think maybe my cages are toooooooooo small. 
 Got cages for my tomatoes.  I did want those colorful cages, however as many as I needed my husband went for the cheaper less colorful plain cages.  :)
 This was suppose to be an anaheim pepper but I'm not sure that's what it is.  It just doesn't look very pointy.  lol  We shall soon see. 

 These tomatoes still look so scrawny!  :o(  Praying they will perk up and become beautiful with some fish poo. 

The tomatoes in this bed are looking

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