Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aquaponics update.

I am having trouble with some of my bell syphons on 2 of my beds.  I have to say that this is the one part of aquaponics that frustrates me.  I wish I could get them perfect and not have to worry about them, I would much rather spend my time enjoying planting and harvesting instead of continually working on them.  All in good time.  Hopefully we will figure it out soon. 

On a happier note I'm seeing FRUIT!!!!!!  I'm seeing jalapenos, cayenne, Anaheim, and a bell.  This is so very exciting.  Especially when I look at how much I spend (or don't spend because they are too expensive for my taste ;) ) at the store on peppers.  Here are some pix to show the growth.  I have had to tie up the tomatoes and Dennis mentioned placing a cattle panel across the top of the greenhouse so we don't have to tie the tomatoes to the framing of the greenhouse. 
Forgot to mention I see a TOMATO in my greenhouse.  Long awaited tomato! 
I think this is an Anaheim pepper.  It's much lighter than the others.  If this is Anaheim then this is the one Anaheim plant that survived that I started from seed.  I have an amazing recipe that I use these peppers for and I ended up buying 4 of these pepper plants from the festival at Baker's Creek this year.  I'm pretty sure it's the only vegetable that I bought as a baby plant.  Everything else was started from seed.  Which I'm truly taking pride in.  So it's a special little Anaheim pepper plant.  :)  
First Bell pepper of the year!!!!  Can't wait to make my favorite pepper jelly.  :)  It tastes really good when mixed with bacon and green beans.  YUM YUM!!  LOL prob not the healthiest way to make green beans but I'm a sucker for sweets. 
I think I counted 9 jalapenos on this  little jalapeno plant.  We love our hot peppers.  
8 or 9 Cayenne peppers on this lovely plant.  I put a peice of cattle panel in this bed to help hold this pepper plant up.  Oh look a "daddy long leg spider"  LOL  Every time I see one of these spiders I LOL and think of my friend Melissa and being a girls camp, where I saved her from this harmless insects.  Hehe!  

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