Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How does your garden grow?????........

June 16th 2014  
Tonight I ran out and took some more pix of the progress in our garden.  
Hope you enjoy the journey with my family.  

The photos above show the summer colors of our yard so far this year.  Outside the garden gate I have lavender plants (I started from seed)  that border the path. The orange day lilies, we found all over our property when we bought it so we have given some away and transplanted many of them.   And the yellow day lilies will bloom all summer and I purchased them on a clearance rack last year. 
This is a peaches and cream honey suckle that I also found on clearance last year.  It is working its way up and over my swing that Dennis and the boys built.  Love it. 
Potatoes Gone WILD!!!   I've added taller cages to the  potatoes as they keep growing taller and taller.  I'm so excited to see how these turn out this year.  They are looking good

We've had so much rain I have no idea how much but the tomatoes look a little sad and one of my zucchini plants started to look sad too.  Oh and next year I will tie the peas up a little better.  :)  they seemed a little weak and fell over.  

 Found something had munched on the peppers and that just won't due in my garden. 

 These poor tomatoes I just planted in the two new boxes Dennis built this past weekend.  So I finally was able to get the last of the tomatoes in the garden.  I sure hope they perk up soon.  :) 

Dennis also added rock and some stepping stones under my swing he built.  I am so very spoiled.  I'm extremely grateful for all his hard work and wonderful talents.  I love sitting on the swing and pondering and feeling all the gratitude I have for the garden.  
The grapes.  Oh I took some pix when they were just blooming and I took a pix of what I thought was a bunch of tiny grapes but I was wrong.  I learned that the first little bunch ends up flowering first and then the tiny grapes follow.  These are looking good don't you think?  
I really am excited about harvesting these berries.  I bet next year they will be amazing!!!!!

NOW for a quick little memory
This is my Grandpa and Grandma McMasters in their garden. My dad has told me many stories about these two amazing people and their love of gardening.  My grandpa Wallace McMasters might have gained the desire from his parents in which I know found joy in gardening too.  My dad has many stories of my grandma Lizzie McMasters and how she started seeds and how my grandpa and his brother would talk about who was going to get the first ripe tomato off the vine.  I wish I would have got to know them, but I have the hope that someday I will know them and get to talk with them.  My dad said my grandma Joetta McMasters had fair skin and always wore her straw hat to work in the garden, and long sleeves because the corn and okra would make her skin crawl.  I always pictured her hat brim much wider.  I have a garden hat too.  But mine is very big and very floppy.  And when I put it on I think of my grandma Joetta McMasters. 

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