Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The teams first scrimmage!

Our Son's first scrimmage.  So far I'm loving this team, the parents and the coaches.  Our first game is Friday in Broken Arrow, OK. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

For all you Lds families reading

I found a great visiting idea for those of you who might need an idea this month. Those of you who are not members of our church I'll fill ya in real quick. Every month the ladies in our ward (aka sisters in our ward) go out and visit other ladies (sisters) just to check on and keep in touch and help if help is needed or noticed. Anyway we also take a spiritual thought/message to share with the lady(sister). The message is the same all over the world yep everywhere, and most of the time that message is shared, unless prompted by the spirit to teach or share something else. So with that said here is the blog for ideas. Love this blog for many reasons but visiting teaching has been fun using her ideas.

Prepared Not Scared

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

August 26th, 2011     
The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In My Life This Week.......Life has moved quite quickly this week.  My youngest son joined a local football team and is now one of the newest players on The Lighthouse Christian Chargers.  We are traveling about 45 minutes to practice each night, and practice is from 5-8:30.  We have been arriving around 4:30 to make sure he has time to meet the boys and pass the ball a bit before practice.  I've also kicked into gear and been working out better this week.  No more slacking off for me.  So today my body is tender. ;) In a good way, it hurts enough to make me feel good about what I'm doing and it makes me get up and feel tight, so that if I don't work out I feel it worse.  The workout helps me stretch those tight muscles out and feel better.  Now if I could just get a grip on not drinking soda. I have slowed down I only have it a couple times a week now but still I know its not good for me.

In Our Homeschool This Week........We started off amazing and then we've tried to squeeze in this football thing and I'm noticing that I'm going to need to redo a few things and plan on doing a couple subjects on the road.  So Math is going well.  I'm enjoying the Math Mammoth, I also had a friend recommend the Life of Fred and I think I'm going to try it soon.  And another friend just happen to have the "Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology" that she loaned me.  Its not where I want to start my boys but it is nice to be able to get a good look into the material.  We are all still loving History.  We didn't get to any of our lapbook this week.  The house had suffered because of the football and I couldn't pull out sissors and glue projects with a Happy Heart so I just skipped the lapbook and took off on some extra Story of the World.  With that said I realized I now need the cds because I could get the story of the world out during our travel time to practice!!!  I also intend to pick up some sort of Foreign Language cds.(if you have any ideas please pass them my way).  With this Football team we will be traveling to Kansas and OK for a few of the games.  So that time in the car could be used wisely.   Language Arts I still need to start. LOL  I haven't gotten everything for this subject yet.  I'm still on the fence about what I want to do for sure.  But that's okay we are reading loads and Summarizing what we are reading which is better than nothing in my book.  We also started some Copy Work for handwriting.  I found a few downloadable things on Currclick that went alone with our history for copy work.  It's quick and simple and they fly through it but hopefully they are noticing the grammar and the punctuation too. 

Places Were Going and People We Might See.......Practice Practice Practice.  LOL  Two of my kids went to help dad this week.  We will be catching up on their school on Saturday.  And The rest of us have planned a day with friends today.  We are doing the Library, the YMCA, the tedious errands, and then tonight PRACTICE and a PEP RALLY!!!!!! Really excited about the pep rally.  Our son gets to see first hand how much fun Football is Off the field as well.  I will try to take loads of pix.

My Favorite Things this Week......This might sound weird but One of my Favorites is My workouts.  Mainly because I feel like I'm defeating that little voice that says, "You can do it LATER!"  It makes me feel strong and healthy, plus it gives me determination to keep going.  I do a lot of self talk while I'm working out.  Ok my other favorite was this.  Since Dad took two kids to work I've got to enjoy the other two. And my son that is taking football is a major Daddy's boy so I've had the priveledge to get in there and be the one whom he talks to more this week (hope that makes sense)  Anyhow, so we've discussed and he's been grateful more than once and said to me, "Thanks Mom for taking me to practice!"  Aww it's so nice to be thanked by your children!   Football has been Busy but it's also a blessing because I'm forced away from the things I have been so busy with so our focus is more on them.  The way it should be!  I know another lesson for me in this life....So the last thing I'm saying was my favorite, can you tell I will never be able to just pick one hehe, last thing again has to do with football and my son.  He said to me, "Mom, you know what I like about this team?  I like that when you line up on the line of scrimmage you don't here kids cussing and being rude! This team is Different!   Ahh sweet sweet music to my ears he desires to be different from the world.  I'm grateful he is recognizing things and our teaching in our family is paying off.  He truely likes this team because it feels comfortable.  I'm proud of him.  LOVEING HOMESCHOOLING and the families I'm meeting along the way.  Thanks to all you whom I'm in contact with who are helping me by being our friends!!! I LOVE YOU ALL TOO!!!!  OH ONE MORE THING  hehe!  I'm grateful my Oldest spent some amazing one on one with Dad Golfing this week.  His confidence Soared!!!!

Things I'm Working On.........Okay so as I said before it's definitely the soda, and this week I'm adding reorganizing my scheduale to fit in this new Football Venture.

I'm Reading.........Yeah Right!  Not reading this week.  I barely have time to get the laundry done and get this typed up between everything else.  but I will work on getting it scheduled in soon, so stay tuned

My Personal Scripture Study........Going great.  Continuing to grow and learn.

I'm Grateful for.....Everyone of my Favorite things this week (see above My FAVORITE things this week) 

I'm Praying for......Personal strength physically and spiritually!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend finally wrapped up!

We had a pretty enjoyable weekend.  It started on Friday.  Here is what Friday consisted of. 

The St. Louis Temple, where I was able to take some pix.  Not the best pix I'm still learning my  camera but they are still okay and it was fun to play. After the pix the our friends were able to go into the temple for the first time.  What a beautiful blessing. Thanks "A" Family we enjoyed every second we spent with your family!!   It was our youngest son's first time to go to the temple.  He definitely enjoyed it. 

Then the Rootbeer Factory!  I didn't get a pix of the huge root beer Float but trust me it was HUGE!
 Yep after the Temple trip we were of course starving.  Getting spiritually fed always leads to feeling very physically Hungry  lol  so we headed to a place our friends suggested.  YUMMMY!  Fritz's Restaurant and Rootbeer Factory.  I was way to hungry to read up on this place but the kids enjoyed watching the root beer machines fill the bottles. And then they enjoyed some of the games in the game room upstairs.  

Then off to the St. Louis Zoo! After feeding time was over we headed to the LONG AWAITED Zoo!  
Of course all of us adults were ready for a nap by now but we sucked it up and joined the fun.  The kids enjoyed the zoo and made some great memories.  

Then later in the weekend our youngest Son pulled out his bow for some target practice.  He ended up shooting one of his arrows that was already on the target and split it down the center.  What a great shot!!!!!   We were all impressed and then it hit him.  He was now down 2 arrows.  BUMMMER  :((((  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal for August 18th 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
August 18th, 2011

 IN My Life This Week............I've enjoyed my week this week.  We haven't done much except for school and the basic activities that go with it.  But it's been great.  I'm writing this early because tonight is MNO with the Homeschool Mom's and tomorrow is a Temple Trip to St. Louis with our ward.
In Our Homeschool This Week.......We learned so much.  I can sum up our History.  We are almost finished with our Declaration of Independence Lap Book which we have totally enjoyed.  We have also enjoyed the Story of the world stories we have gotten through this week.  We learned about Queens fighting for power and getting their heads chopped off because of secret plots to get rid of others.  We learned of wars of religions and how the two main religions at the time were both Christian but one being called Catholics and the other protestants.  We learned that King James translated the Bible and what his part in history is.  We learned that King James wouldn't let the protestants worship and was going to tax them and wouldn't let them use the churches.  So those protestants worshiped in Barns and stables.  We also learned that eventually they got tired of this and chose to move to Holland so they could worship how they pleased.   But they weren't happy there either so they went back to England and got merchants to fund their trip to North America so they could build a new colony there.  And they promised the merchants a portion of their Gold and other treasures they might find in return.  So they traveled on the Mayflower and the story could go on forever.  Better stop there.  It was interesting and we are learning a lot.  

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We haven't gone many places just to activities at church but tomorrow we are traveling to St. Louis to the Temple.  And then to the Zoo afterward.  

My Favorite Thing This Week.........Watching my husband teach the kids today.  It was interesting and adorable.  He knows when he is needed and he was definitely needed this morning.  Love him so much.  And another favorite was picking the water melons from the garden. 

Things I'm Working On...............NOT DRINKING SODA!!! and TRYING TO WORKOUT DAILY  

I'm Reading.......................The Ensign the past few days.  Very interesting.

My Personal Scripture Study......Has opened my eyes to how often I rely on the arm of flesh instead of my Father In Heaven.

I'm Grateful For................The pioneers and pilgrims and all those who have gone before me to make such a grate country for us to live in.  I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has chosen me to live in this free country and these latter days so that I might help keep this country free. 
I'm Praying For.................The leaders in our Church and this country to make wise choices that our freedom will continue to be there for us. 

Pix for this week include the kids eating that Wonderful watermelon.  And Dad helping us homeschool. 
I used the Homeschool template and Brady's art  from Digitreats and then I used some digital scrapbook paper from Raseberry Road Designs titled Annie's Room not sure where to find it though I've had the kit for a long time. 

Monday, August 15, 2011


Our Friday Free day was filled with fun.  We enjoyed playing with some of our favorite families at the Republic Aquatics Center In Republic.  Between my friends and myself we took way tooo many pix (if that's possible)  I just picked a few to share.  We had a blast.  Thanks O and B families for all the good memories made on Friday. Hope your family's had as much or more fun than ours did. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
IN My Life This Week............Homeschool, Homeschool, Homeschool.  We are loving it!!  And I went and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2.  Loved it more than the rest.  Enjoyed Andy's Frozen Custard with good Friends, YUMMY!  Lost some chickens and my Dog :( very Sad day
In Our Homeschool This Week.......We had a rough week in my opinion but I'm comparing it to last week which was such an amazing start to our school year.  

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We've had really busy evenings this week.  Monday night we had Family Home Evening and we enjoyed the company of some friends,  it was a fun night for sure.  Then Tuesday Dad came back from St. Louis where he was working and the kids enjoyed a fun evening with him.  I Enjoyed a night out with some friends to watch the long awaited "Harry Potter 7 Part 2" and some frozen custard. Thanks to all who came.  It was a fun birthday gift  Then tonight we had some more friends over to just hang out for a while and let the kids play and watch PBS  LOL  yes PBS  we just vegged out, It was nice.  Thanks Momma "A"   I'm actually writing this early because we will be very busy Tomorrow through the entire weekend.  We've been trying to get with our Favorite adopted Family forever.....and finally get to go enjoy some R&R with them at the Lake this weekend. But tomorrow we will be going to the Republic Aquatic Center to enjoy some play time with friends on our Friday free day.  

My Favorite Thing This Week.........Harry Potter 7 part  2 with friends.  And the wonderful Frozen Custard.

Things I'm Working On...............Sticking to my homeschool goals and following through when I need to with my children's responsibilities lately they have been taking less care during their house hold responsibilities.  So something to work on.    

I'm Reading.......................Lately I've been reading, "The Story of the World" volume 3.  LOL  love the way Mrs. Bauer writes her history.  

My Personal Scripture Study......Has again proven difficult but I'm happy to say I've accoplished it. And it's always impressive to see how much I'm able to help my kids understand the scriptures in the mornings during our family scripture study because of my studies in the evening.  

I'm Grateful For................Living in this dispensation of time and the joys and trials I'm going through.  I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to stay home and love and teach my children.  I'm grateful for my husband who works very hard to make this possible. 

I'm Praying For.................My beautiful Friends and their struggles. 

Pictures for the week.  Me with friends getting ready to see the movie and all but 1 of my kids sleeping during reading time.  LOL  Enjoying those books guys????  LOL

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another quick post this time about SCRIPTURE STUDY

My Scripture study has been going amazing lately.  I'm learning so much and feeling the spirit as I study and ponder things that I had never understood before.  This is what I've done so far.  Each evening before I go to bed I pull out three things.  My Scriptures, My Book of Mormon institute manual, and My Scripture journal. 
 I start by reading the chapter that our family will be on the next morning for Family Scripture study, then after I'm finished with the chapter I move onto reading about what I just read in my Institute manual.  I love the institute manual and the breakdown it gives.  So far I've learned something new from every chapter and I seem to look for things I don't quit understand yet so I can hopefully gain understanding before I write in my journal.  Then I move on to my journal.  Sometimes I'm just in AWWW and I just write my feelings.  Others I write what I just learned. And sometimes I write serious inquiries like, How is it that Nephi always had such unwavering faith and Lamen and Lemual always bucked the system?  What made them so different yet from the same upbringing and how can I assure my children will turn out like Nephi instead of Lamen and Lemual?  eeks.  

Anyway I mentioned in my Homeschool Mother's Journal entry last week that I had a great time with the Activity Day Girls Decorating and discussing the importance of Scripture Journals.  During my research for teaching them I found a Website by "The Redheaded Hostess"  She has a section Called "Doctrinal Spouse Study"  And she's even made websites to go with.  She is LDS so for my non LDS friends sorry but for those of you whom share my beliefs it might be something you are interested in beginning with your spouse.  I've noticed through my study my BEST FRIEND aka HUSBAND has been enjoying my scripture study as well.  He's only fallen asleep to me reading a couple of time  :)  he can't help it, after working so very hard each day. 

So if interested go visit her blog and let me know what you think of it.