Friday, March 2, 2012

Mothers Homeschool Journal

Inspired by a couple people "Mother's Homeschool Journals" today I realized I need to
1) take more pix through the week
2) write in my Mothers Homeschool Journal again on a weekly basis!!! I do enjoy doing so. 

In my life this week.... Life has been humm awkward.  I have a new goal to start using my iPhone less and my time more wisely.  I'm noticing just how my sweet, fun, iPhone has become a horrible habit. It seriously looks like it's glued to my hand.  I love technology but I'm thinking satan is on to something and knows I waste away a lot of time view things on it.  Craigslist, Facebook, Blogs, Email, Email, Email, TEXTING, TEXTING, TEXTING!!!!!!!  It's causing some major problems in my life and I'm really close to going back to having a simple cell phone with less tools on it.  Also in my life this week I've been desiring change.  I'm hoping to join a gym soon, I really have to make some changes in this area of my life as well as the cell phone issue.   I'm begining to watch what I'm eating and drinking and next is to again stop spending so much time consumed by computers and cell phones and get my rear in gear!!!   Yesterday I went to the store and bought milk, bread and veggies and fruits.  There were no other items in my shopping cart and it felt amazing.  Today I made myself a juice with so many different things in it, it was brown.  LOL  but It tasted fine and felt great to know I was making an effort and eating/drinking healthy.  Also made another at Lunch this time it was greenish brown and again satisfying. Hopefully after a few days of this then I will see the difference on my scales as well as mentally!!!  
In Our Homeschool This Week......This has been a rough week keeping a good routine but yet not boring your kids and making school inspiring is hard for me to grasp.  I love routine and consistency, but I admit things get old and with four kids I have to remember to meet all their needs yet inspire them all too.  So if you have any ideas please share I'm open to them.  ;)  I started reading "The Borrowers" with my kids and they seem to enjoy it.  To help them read better we take turns I read and they repeat so they notice how the punctuation in the book looks and how it's meant to be read.  I hope this helps them improve their reading and I find it enjoyable to read with them.  Lastly I created "The Brady Academy Time Line" in our basement hallway.  We will be charting everything we learn about so we can see where and when it took place in history. It's going to be fun. We will be charting everything family timelines and bible timelines, and life too.  
Places we're Going/People We're seeing.....We are Fasting this Sunday this is something we do every month on the first Sunday of the month as a whole with our Church throughout the world.  When I first joined the church this didn't totally agree with me but I've come to love what fasting does to my spirit as well as my body!!  I'm grateful for it.  We are also having the men from church over to cut wood tomorrow and Sunday we are going to eat a yummy dinner at a friends house.  Oh yeah and tomorrow the girls and I are going to a Baby shower.  BreAnne reminded me that she's never been to a baby shower so I'm sure she will have fun.  And tonight is DATE NIGHT!!!!  Loving me a DATE NIGHT!!!!

What I'm Reading and What I've Read........okay so right now I have a lot of things to read .... I'm reading "Leadership Education The phases of Learning" by Oliver and Rachel DeMille.  I'm enjoying it but because it is an informational book I find it harder to find time to quiet things so I don't miss anything good.  I have read the HUNGER GAMES...  the first book.  Don't think I will read the rest I don't like endings that don't end in happiness. It really gets to me to take that much time to read a book to find out that it ends in a manner that leaves to hanging and isn't happy!!!!  I'm also reading the Fourth Turning  Okay so I'm listening to it and it's one of those books that's making me realize I know NOTHING about history!  So it's inspiring me to learn all I can about the past!  It was made me realize I needed a timeline in my house to truly get a visual of how history repeats itself.  

Photos of the Week......... I will have to take some of the time line but for right now I only have the Wednesday before last Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquett that my husband and I had to make an obstacle course for I will post those pix.  I really didn't blog about it but it was a military theme so we made a boot camp obstacle course for the boys to go through.