Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 21st Sunday School Lesson Study Guide

Oh you will need this study guide this week, this lesson could be so confusing if you don't read with the spirit and use the manuals we have been given to help us understand.

Extra Helps ..............

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1 Kings 3; 5-11

 1 Kings 3; 5-11
This weeks study guide for Gospel Doctrine. 
What amazing detail we find in this weeks reading about the temple that King Solomon had built.  I'm learning so much from this weeks reading.  I also never knew that King Solomon had 700 wives and princesses, and 300 concubines?????????????   Really who needs that many women in their family.  Wow! 
Can't wait to discuss the lesson this Sunday with everyone and hear their opinions and insights.  Happy Reading this week.  Share a comment or two with me if you don't attend our church or ward.  I do love to learn from others.  

Canning Pickles with my girls

So we canned pickles today and out of 12 jars I only have 8 left.  I used Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix and we will test the flavor and crunch of the pickles in a couple weeks.  I only have 8 left due to a mistake I made.  I have never canned pickles before and so my daughters and I added the cucumbers to the jars and the poured the mixture into the jars(which I think caused the liquid to cool down) and then added the jars to the already boiling water bath and 4 jars ended up breaking.  Probably due to the coolness of the jars being submersed in the hot water bath.  Anyway,  didn't do that twice and so we have 8 jars left.  :0)  

Cloud 9 Ranch

Some friend invited us to ride the 4-wheeler trails at cloud 9 ranch.  We had a blast.  You can view their website here.  http://cloud9ranch.com/  

Garden Growth in July

The Garden is growing amazingly.  I'm enjoying every second.  Here is an update in pix.  It takes me forever to upload the photos onto this blog.  Not sure why but I find I have to click on the photo over and over and only once and a while will it load more than one photo at a time.  :0(  Oh well here we go....
JULY 19th, 2014
I'm pretty sure this is a Roma tomato or also called Amish paste tomato.  Beautiful. 

I think I am succeeding in the pepper department this year.  And I'm so grateful for the success. 

cayenne peppers looking great too.
Spaghetti squash looking good too.  It blooming and not dying. 
Onions didn't get very big I think I planted them too close together and so it stunted them.  They are laying in the green house drying out so I can braid them and hang them in the pantry for salsa and other recipes. 
The pole beans are finally climbing up the trellis. 
Potatoes hit another growth spurt too. 
Look more asparagus is shooting up! HOOray!!!

 This is a better look at the cucumbers and how far they have grown up the trellis my amazing husband made for me.  :0)
 We definitely are not running short on cucumbers. 
 Honeysuckle is starting to bloom and climb again.  It took a small break for a little while not sure why.

 Can you tell I'm proud of my Morning Glories.  They are finally blooming.  And shading the gate going into my garden too.  LOVE IT!!!

 This is my clearence rack flower bed.  I will be posting pix of it later because I added black mulch to match my other flower bed and the flowers look great.  Plus the other pixture shows that I weeded it too. LOL
 My sunflowers are looking pretty good. 
So I added these to my favorite stuffed pepper recipe and according to everyone who ate one they have an amazing flavor and a good kick. 

The booty!!!!   for one day! 

JULY 21st, 2014
 Spaghetti squash. I see fruit.  Excitement building now.
 Zucchini squash Some rotted. 
 Cherry tomatoes
 Better pic of the Roma tomatoes

 The peppers are pretty but look at that beautiful onion.  I'm pretty sure they love being planted together.  What a great relationship. 
 This is how sad my onion bed looks.  :0(
 Thrilled to see large tomatoes on the vine
 Not sure what's getting into this tomato.  Looks bad though
 Check out the honey bee on his daily visit to the garden.  :

 One specific bed of tomatoes looks very very sad.  LOL  not sure why either. 
 Okay three days ago this asparagus was tiny.  I'm so impressed with how fast this veggie grows. 

 The Concords are turning purple. 

And the beetles are still on attack.