Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversations and Memories

This morning we called a dear friend of ours who is on a mini vacation in Florida and my Daughter was reminiscing with her about our Trip to Florida!   As much as we've enjoyed playing in the snow and visiting NY, Florida sounds very inviting right NOW!  Here are some pix  from our trip there in 2007  Love the last pix because its what the kids wanted to do most,  they didn't care about ever going out to eat or seeing any of the sites they always wanted to be on the beach exploring and splashing and playing.   Thank goodness for Sunblock!  We only had a couple burns and that was because swimsuits got stretched or slipped around in places.  Thanks Trish for bringing some warmth to our day in more ways than one.   Love you both for your kindness and love.  xoxox's from NY to FL

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Wife, A Mother, A Teacher, A Leader, A Homemaker, A Daughter, A Sister, ......

NOT a FACE BOOKER any more,   I've have been so caught up with keeping up with facebook that I feel other things have fallen by the side.  My phone was always in my hand or the laptop was always checking in to see what everybody wanted the world to know.   Last night after reassessing my life and my duties with my husband we both decided that F/B was no longer something for us.  So if you love us and are interested in what we are doing and how we are then please call, email, text, or send us a letter. You could also visit us here, I will update our blog but I won't do it every 15 minutes nor everyday, but when I have something to share I will do it here.   We would be happy to hear from you, but we will no longer be sharing our information on Facebook with people who barely know us.  This is just one step to a less distracted Mom and Dad.  And a Healthier, Happier, Family!!!!!   Now off to get this day on track with my one less distraction.   Have a Happy Day Everyone.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the Smith Farmstead in Palmyra New York today!

This is not the original house that stood during Josephs childhood, but the house still stands on the original foundation.  So were were reminded that technically we were standing in the same air space in which the angel Moroni was in at the time he visited Joseph the first 4 times

 Believe this or not...............  The church ask for permission to cut the trees down in front of the Palmyra temple that you see behind the kids,  the county would not budge on the idea,  shortly afterward a wind blew down the trees that are no longer hiding the temple from the view of the farm. 
 The original Hearth and brick is still there, under this brick Joseph hid the plates at one time to keep them safe from mobs.
 This house is named the frame house as it was the house Alvin Smith had started framing up before his death,  before he died he gave it to his family to finish and later use for their own home.  Here the translation of the plates took place
 I thought this little bridge with the creek in the background was neat.  Not really anything to do with out visit.
At the edge of what is now called the Sacred Grove

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And Finally What they all want to do everyday


SURE Lets do IT!  
We happened upon a park where all the kids come to sled.  Has amazing hills to sled on.  The kids were so content and sledded until it got almost dark!  

Palmyra New York

First stop Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site!  We were able to compare the Book of Mormon that was first published and how it was layed out to the Book of Mormon we now have with columns and footnotes and Combined with the Bible as well.  The kids notice things that I didn't like how the floor looked original, and it was the original floor.   The kids ask about a zillion questions, and loved the history of it all.  

Next the Hill Cumorah, this one we didn't go into the visitors center due to how many questions the kids ask at the last place we didn't want to be stuck there for as long.  And being that the Hill is outside it was very cold way up there on the top.   


Yep we have been there.  

 Closed because we came on a Monday but how pretty all the snow made it look. 
The Smith Farmstead very close to the Temple and not to far from the Hill Cumorah.

A VERY cold Day in New York

First we drove to lake Ontario which was literally just a few minutes away.  The wind was unbearable.  We were going to go all the way out but it was extremely cold.  hehehe!  Oh our many many adventures. 

Then we headed to Niagara, New York.

At 15 Degrees this was a very cold trip.  I say 15 but that's what the temp read on the thermostat in the van, It was WAY COLDER than that at the falls.  The snow had a layer of ice the kids enjoyed playing with.  

Although it was cold we all at least got to see Niagara Falls from the American side.  And I told the kids that you know, A lot of people can say they've visited Niagara Falls but not many can say they saw it in January. :)  That didn't warm them up too much!  LOL  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Having Snow Much FUN in NY.

We decided to go on a 19 hour drive to New York to see Dad!   We woke up to 3 inches of snow in Missouri Tuesday morning around 3:45 and headed out to Webster, NY arriving about 12:30 Central time.
That's right we drove straight through.  LOL  but lets top the drive off with SNOW the entire time!!!  Yep you heard me SNOW the ENTIRE TIME!  When we pulled into the parking lot there was about 3 to 4 inches covering the lot.  From Cincinati Ohio to Webster NY  the roads were covered the whole way! That's like 6 hours I drove, white knuckling it.  By the time I pulled into the Apt. Parking lot I was beyond ready to get out and stay out of the car for a full 24 hours.  And I was so Excited to see my husband for the first time in over 2 weeks.  We woke the next morning to 18+  inches (that's my guess)  of snow on the ground.  The kids have had a blast enjoying the snow. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

A 1st Birthday Party

We enjoyed hanging out with Friends last night for their baby girls 1st bday party!  They fed us dinner and deserts, and best of all I got to take some pix of an adorable little girl on her 1st birthday.

Here are my favorites