Saturday, June 21, 2014


Okay so I'm going to brag for a little while here.  Have I ever mentioned how EXTREMELY WONDERFUL the men in my life are?  Especially those who live under the same roof as myself?  Well, in case you have not noticed I am going to once again brag on those 3 handsome, strong, and talented guys.
This week my husband  came home with a trailer full of scrap material from the jobs he has been doing in the Kimberling City/Lampe area.    As we are unloading this scrap material he tells me some of it will work for a few more of my garden beds.  ;)  Yay, the asparagus might just have a permanent home now.  And those sunflowers that have been growing in my greenhouse might find a place as well.  So this morning I wake up and my husband is already outside working hard on my garden and flower beds.  LOVE THIS MAN.  I also need to back up a week.  I have had two beds for a while with no square foot garden mix in them due to not having time to run and get the 50 cyd bag of mix I wanted.  So last week with his little Toyota truck he took me to Springfield to get my mix.  The little truck had a hard time with that load, but we got those beds filled and had extra that we filled a flower bed up with and we were able to rob it of a little bit today for the new beds he made.  What a GREAT provider and husband he is.  Now lets go a little further and I'm going to say that he is also a great father.  His example spills over to our boys twenty fold.  So on our date last night (we took our boys with us) I was telling them how I would love to have a little toad stool table and chairs in my garden.  I looked them up on amazing and was shocked to see people wanting $300-$900 for a  little toad stool table and chair set.  My oldest said mom we could build some.  Well, I thought yeah we could but that's more stuff that will have to be built and there is never enough time to get everything done we would like to do.  ;o).  So I let the thought go.  Well this morning my oldest son gets out of bed and heads to the shop.  Later I pass the shop and he was working on something!  I ask him what he was building and he said, "TOAD STOOLS"  LOL   Will I ever be deserving of all they do for me.....  Probably not!  Last story.  My younger son is pretty strong, well both my boys are but my younger really tries hard to be strong, and so I had the bolt cutters out trying to cut through a cattle panel in my greenhouse and I could not for the life of me get the cutters to even scratch the metal. I was trying to cut it above my head and feeling very wimpy.  So I called to my son and he comes to my rescue without a seconds hesitation, and cuts through the metal.  I'm so grateful for all their strength and talent.  I'm grateful my daughters have BIG brothers and a Loving dad to look up to for protection and guidance.  I always wished I had a big brother growing up. And when I think of how blessed I am with my husband and 2 sons my heart fills with Love and gratitude.  Here are some pix of them being amazing!!!!!

This is the little flower bed he built me.  More pix later of my daughters and I planting flowers.  :)))))
I was working in the garden one day and I look over at the swing and Dad had sit down.  What happens when dad sits down?  This happens...The kids gather around him for fun chats and laughter.  They love this man and his laughter, (SO DO I!!!). 
They caught me taking pix so they chose to pose for this one!!!!  Gotta love their humor.  

And lastly a shout out to my beautiful daughters for helping me plant flowers this morning in the new flower beds.  Love when we work together to build and make our property beautiful.  Grateful the Lord saw fit to bless me my life with my these girls.  


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