Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
IN My Life This Week............Homeschool, Homeschool, Homeschool.  We are loving it!!  And I went and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2.  Loved it more than the rest.  Enjoyed Andy's Frozen Custard with good Friends, YUMMY!  Lost some chickens and my Dog :( very Sad day
In Our Homeschool This Week.......We had a rough week in my opinion but I'm comparing it to last week which was such an amazing start to our school year.  

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We've had really busy evenings this week.  Monday night we had Family Home Evening and we enjoyed the company of some friends,  it was a fun night for sure.  Then Tuesday Dad came back from St. Louis where he was working and the kids enjoyed a fun evening with him.  I Enjoyed a night out with some friends to watch the long awaited "Harry Potter 7 Part 2" and some frozen custard. Thanks to all who came.  It was a fun birthday gift  Then tonight we had some more friends over to just hang out for a while and let the kids play and watch PBS  LOL  yes PBS  we just vegged out, It was nice.  Thanks Momma "A"   I'm actually writing this early because we will be very busy Tomorrow through the entire weekend.  We've been trying to get with our Favorite adopted Family forever.....and finally get to go enjoy some R&R with them at the Lake this weekend. But tomorrow we will be going to the Republic Aquatic Center to enjoy some play time with friends on our Friday free day.  

My Favorite Thing This Week.........Harry Potter 7 part  2 with friends.  And the wonderful Frozen Custard.

Things I'm Working On...............Sticking to my homeschool goals and following through when I need to with my children's responsibilities lately they have been taking less care during their house hold responsibilities.  So something to work on.    

I'm Reading.......................Lately I've been reading, "The Story of the World" volume 3.  LOL  love the way Mrs. Bauer writes her history.  

My Personal Scripture Study......Has again proven difficult but I'm happy to say I've accoplished it. And it's always impressive to see how much I'm able to help my kids understand the scriptures in the mornings during our family scripture study because of my studies in the evening.  

I'm Grateful For................Living in this dispensation of time and the joys and trials I'm going through.  I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to stay home and love and teach my children.  I'm grateful for my husband who works very hard to make this possible. 

I'm Praying For.................My beautiful Friends and their struggles. 

Pictures for the week.  Me with friends getting ready to see the movie and all but 1 of my kids sleeping during reading time.  LOL  Enjoying those books guys????  LOL

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