Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal for August 18th 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
August 18th, 2011

 IN My Life This Week............I've enjoyed my week this week.  We haven't done much except for school and the basic activities that go with it.  But it's been great.  I'm writing this early because tonight is MNO with the Homeschool Mom's and tomorrow is a Temple Trip to St. Louis with our ward.
In Our Homeschool This Week.......We learned so much.  I can sum up our History.  We are almost finished with our Declaration of Independence Lap Book which we have totally enjoyed.  We have also enjoyed the Story of the world stories we have gotten through this week.  We learned about Queens fighting for power and getting their heads chopped off because of secret plots to get rid of others.  We learned of wars of religions and how the two main religions at the time were both Christian but one being called Catholics and the other protestants.  We learned that King James translated the Bible and what his part in history is.  We learned that King James wouldn't let the protestants worship and was going to tax them and wouldn't let them use the churches.  So those protestants worshiped in Barns and stables.  We also learned that eventually they got tired of this and chose to move to Holland so they could worship how they pleased.   But they weren't happy there either so they went back to England and got merchants to fund their trip to North America so they could build a new colony there.  And they promised the merchants a portion of their Gold and other treasures they might find in return.  So they traveled on the Mayflower and the story could go on forever.  Better stop there.  It was interesting and we are learning a lot.  

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We haven't gone many places just to activities at church but tomorrow we are traveling to St. Louis to the Temple.  And then to the Zoo afterward.  

My Favorite Thing This Week.........Watching my husband teach the kids today.  It was interesting and adorable.  He knows when he is needed and he was definitely needed this morning.  Love him so much.  And another favorite was picking the water melons from the garden. 

Things I'm Working On...............NOT DRINKING SODA!!! and TRYING TO WORKOUT DAILY  

I'm Reading.......................The Ensign the past few days.  Very interesting.

My Personal Scripture Study......Has opened my eyes to how often I rely on the arm of flesh instead of my Father In Heaven.

I'm Grateful For................The pioneers and pilgrims and all those who have gone before me to make such a grate country for us to live in.  I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has chosen me to live in this free country and these latter days so that I might help keep this country free. 
I'm Praying For.................The leaders in our Church and this country to make wise choices that our freedom will continue to be there for us. 

Pix for this week include the kids eating that Wonderful watermelon.  And Dad helping us homeschool. 
I used the Homeschool template and Brady's art  from Digitreats and then I used some digital scrapbook paper from Raseberry Road Designs titled Annie's Room not sure where to find it though I've had the kit for a long time. 

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