Friday, August 5, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

July 30th, 2011
The Homeschool Mother's JournalIN My Life This Week............We have mainly done Homeschool.  And that's about it.  I will add other things to my life as this gets back into a great routine.  
In Our Homeschool This Week.......where to start.....well we started this week and It Was GREAT!  This kids had a good time, everyone loved sitting at their newly organized desks where they had organized all the stuff they felt was important.  I'm enjoying having their own desk too. The mess stays there and they are responsible for whats in their own little area.  I am going to put up a section about our curriculum choices soon.  But so far I'm very happy with the choices I've made and I know it's only been one week but I'm super duper pumped about this school year!!!!!!   And you know what My kids AND EVEN MY HUSBAND seems thrilled about it this year.  I must be doing something right or at least looking like I have it all together, LoL  just kidding I am a lot more organized than the past couple of years, and my family is finally adjusting to the Homeschool thinking now.  ;)  

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We have been home most of the week, we did enjoy a Monday evening with some friends BBQing at their house.  Love them for making us dinner.  And then Thursday afternoon we enjoyed some Bingham time and enjoying having one of our favorite family's back to spend some time with. Oh and we enjoyed our Wednesday night activities where I got to teach the Activity Day girls about the importance of scripture journals.  I got a lot of great info from SUGAR DOODLE and found a link on their site to "The Red Headed Hostess", which I loved reading about her journals and her journaling tips.  It inspired me to created an amazing scripture journal and dig deeper into my studies.  I would encourage everyone to go visit her website, very engaging.  I sent the girls home with a decorated journal and hopefully some new ways to make their personal scripture study amazing.    

My Favorite Thing This Week.........was watching the school year kick off with a great start.  The kids were amazing and helped this process become a great success for me as MOM!  Plus Hubby's help and I was soaring with how things went.

Things I'm Working On...............Ok so still working on my health and keeping better goals. One of my friends and I are trying to make a stronger commitment this week to sticking to our HEALTH goals.  

I'm Reading.......................Have "The Help" sitting beside my bed but haven't touched it yet :( hopefully our quiet time will allow me to read this week, we will see how it goes. 

My Personal Scripture Study......Has been hard this week.  I've got in bed later this week, but I am enjoying this still, I just haven't been as in depth as the past couple of weeks were.  

I'm Grateful For................My wonderful Husband (aka my best friend) who has been very supportive this week while we were starting our homeschool.  He ran errands, complimented me on my efforts and organization (which I desperately needed but didn't know it)  And fixed us lunch when we ran way late one day doing our fun new lapbooks.  Hunny, if you ever read this THANKS!  I LOVE YOU LONG TIME, LIKE 4 ETERNITY!!!

I'm Praying For.................Inspiration again, but this time I'm praying for inspiration for my children and their needs for education. (And this time I spelled inspiration correctly.  LOL) 

I'm using the same pic I used for my blog post it sums up my week perfectly.  Except I should have a very Happy pic of me and my Hubby too. Ah well maybe some other time.  hehe! 

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