Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend finally wrapped up!

We had a pretty enjoyable weekend.  It started on Friday.  Here is what Friday consisted of. 

The St. Louis Temple, where I was able to take some pix.  Not the best pix I'm still learning my  camera but they are still okay and it was fun to play. After the pix the our friends were able to go into the temple for the first time.  What a beautiful blessing. Thanks "A" Family we enjoyed every second we spent with your family!!   It was our youngest son's first time to go to the temple.  He definitely enjoyed it. 

Then the Rootbeer Factory!  I didn't get a pix of the huge root beer Float but trust me it was HUGE!
 Yep after the Temple trip we were of course starving.  Getting spiritually fed always leads to feeling very physically Hungry  lol  so we headed to a place our friends suggested.  YUMMMY!  Fritz's Restaurant and Rootbeer Factory.  I was way to hungry to read up on this place but the kids enjoyed watching the root beer machines fill the bottles. And then they enjoyed some of the games in the game room upstairs.  

Then off to the St. Louis Zoo! After feeding time was over we headed to the LONG AWAITED Zoo!  
Of course all of us adults were ready for a nap by now but we sucked it up and joined the fun.  The kids enjoyed the zoo and made some great memories.  

Then later in the weekend our youngest Son pulled out his bow for some target practice.  He ended up shooting one of his arrows that was already on the target and split it down the center.  What a great shot!!!!!   We were all impressed and then it hit him.  He was now down 2 arrows.  BUMMMER  :((((  

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  1. You are a fabulous photographer! Can't wait to have you come take some pics for us! :) Looks like it was a really fun weekend... Yay!