Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversations and Memories

This morning we called a dear friend of ours who is on a mini vacation in Florida and my Daughter was reminiscing with her about our Trip to Florida!   As much as we've enjoyed playing in the snow and visiting NY, Florida sounds very inviting right NOW!  Here are some pix  from our trip there in 2007  Love the last pix because its what the kids wanted to do most,  they didn't care about ever going out to eat or seeing any of the sites they always wanted to be on the beach exploring and splashing and playing.   Thank goodness for Sunblock!  We only had a couple burns and that was because swimsuits got stretched or slipped around in places.  Thanks Trish for bringing some warmth to our day in more ways than one.   Love you both for your kindness and love.  xoxox's from NY to FL

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