Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Bye New York Snow, Hello Missouri Snow

Skyler snowboarding down the hill at home

Deano prepared to enjoy the snow in the storm

Everybody checking out how this snow is going to be for sledding and snowboarding on

After the storm Dennis trying his turn on the snowboard.  I'm grateful he is still capable of playing, and has the desire to still be young and so much FUN!

This is a pile our neighbor made while plowing the snow off the road.  The kids had three ways to exit/enter. 

This house is not very pretty but I was trying to capture how large the ice sickles are on the roof.  Also look at the stick in the front yard to measure the snow.  I can't imagine the snow level getting up toward the top of the stick. That would be a lot of snow. 

This is lake Erie,  lol nope I don't see any water either but there are these little huts out on the frozen lake and snow mobile tracks leading to and from them, where people are going back and forth fishing.  hehe  We had never saw anything like this except on movies.  Another new site to see.

Some of the beauty we drove through

If you look way out past the trees you will see a hint of blue,  Yep we finally found water in Lake Erie.  Whew.  Once we found the water on lake Erie we headed back to the highway to complete our trip!
So we arrive home on the 29th of January to a beautiful 70 degrees and Sunshine,  2 days later we get plastered with 9 inches of snow with ice on the bottom.  Here are some pix of the trip home and then the fun days to follow.

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