Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Palmyra New York

First stop Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site!  We were able to compare the Book of Mormon that was first published and how it was layed out to the Book of Mormon we now have with columns and footnotes and Combined with the Bible as well.  The kids notice things that I didn't like how the floor looked original, and it was the original floor.   The kids ask about a zillion questions, and loved the history of it all.  

Next the Hill Cumorah, this one we didn't go into the visitors center due to how many questions the kids ask at the last place we didn't want to be stuck there for as long.  And being that the Hill is outside it was very cold way up there on the top.   


Yep we have been there.  

 Closed because we came on a Monday but how pretty all the snow made it look. 
The Smith Farmstead very close to the Temple and not to far from the Hill Cumorah.

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