Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the Smith Farmstead in Palmyra New York today!

This is not the original house that stood during Josephs childhood, but the house still stands on the original foundation.  So were were reminded that technically we were standing in the same air space in which the angel Moroni was in at the time he visited Joseph the first 4 times

 Believe this or not...............  The church ask for permission to cut the trees down in front of the Palmyra temple that you see behind the kids,  the county would not budge on the idea,  shortly afterward a wind blew down the trees that are no longer hiding the temple from the view of the farm. 
 The original Hearth and brick is still there, under this brick Joseph hid the plates at one time to keep them safe from mobs.
 This house is named the frame house as it was the house Alvin Smith had started framing up before his death,  before he died he gave it to his family to finish and later use for their own home.  Here the translation of the plates took place
 I thought this little bridge with the creek in the background was neat.  Not really anything to do with out visit.
At the edge of what is now called the Sacred Grove

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