Monday, January 24, 2011

A Wife, A Mother, A Teacher, A Leader, A Homemaker, A Daughter, A Sister, ......

NOT a FACE BOOKER any more,   I've have been so caught up with keeping up with facebook that I feel other things have fallen by the side.  My phone was always in my hand or the laptop was always checking in to see what everybody wanted the world to know.   Last night after reassessing my life and my duties with my husband we both decided that F/B was no longer something for us.  So if you love us and are interested in what we are doing and how we are then please call, email, text, or send us a letter. You could also visit us here, I will update our blog but I won't do it every 15 minutes nor everyday, but when I have something to share I will do it here.   We would be happy to hear from you, but we will no longer be sharing our information on Facebook with people who barely know us.  This is just one step to a less distracted Mom and Dad.  And a Healthier, Happier, Family!!!!!   Now off to get this day on track with my one less distraction.   Have a Happy Day Everyone.

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  1. Hey Christina!
    We didn't even get a chance to catch up on fb before you were gone, LOL!
    We understand and respect your decision. You and Dennis have a Beautiful Family! Good Luck with all of your endeavors, especially photography, I too, love a good picture.
    Take Care,