Friday, July 15, 2011

What makes a person REALLY pretty

Just making dinner and had a quick thought.  After having a discussion with a friend today I've really been pondering what makes a Lady REALLY pretty, and I think I know.   Along with being neat and clean and well kept comes the verbal beauty.  When people speak kind, loving words and are wonderfully polite they make the most BEAUTIFUL people.  Ladies I'm speaking mostly to us.  We have a huge responsibility to teach our children in this ever changing, very disruptive world, how to act like ladies, but also speak like ladies too. Yep that's right just add it to the list of things to do!!!  It's so disappointing (and a bit frustrating to me) to hear a disrespectful child.

Ok so that's my thoughts and I just had to share them.  My goal is to be a little more diligent in this area of rearing my girls as well as my boys.

YOUR THOUGHTS?????????????????????????????

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