Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life This Week............What an active week. We had visitors galore.  This week we've enjoyed lots of friends.  I have really been focused on trying to button up all my home school curricula.  Each evening you could find me online doing my research, trying to make sure I'm getting exactly what I need.  Trying to cover all my bases. We also enjoyed having a friend over since Tuesday. He had so much fun with our kids. 

In Our Homeschool This Week.......We worked on reading. I purchased some $.40 notebooks and colored pencils and markers.  Prepping for Monday.  We talked about the school year and our expectations (mainly what I expect from them)  tomorrow we will set some individual goals and family goals to push for this school year. 

Places Were Going and People We've Seen.........We visited friends on Monday, then tried swimming at the river, however there were too many snakes and ended up home again.  Then we were home most of the time until today when we enjoyed some fun at the aquatics center with a friend and then the MALL.  Wow haven't been there in a while with all my kids.  LOL  then Pizza with friends and finally HOME  Ahhh HOME SWEET HOME..

My Favorite Thing This Week.........although it was aggravating at the time, My favorite thing this week was my youngest daughter and youngest son's excursion into the woods, when they were suppose to be at scripture study, to catch an armadillo. I was super angry that I and the rest of our family was waiting patiently for them to arrive at the table for scriptures and they were running through the woods chasing an armadillo.  No they didn't catch it before I caught them.  But they did catch it later that evening.  ;) So then we discover they carry leprosy EWWWW and GREAT!!!!!! Get rid of it NOW!!!!  The best part was they are so curious and get so excited about critters and catching them and learning about them. I absolutely love it And it never fails all four of my kids will work as a team to catch critters.  All worries and sibling squabbles end when a chipmunk or armadillo passes by.  LOL 

Things I'm Working On...............Ok so still working on my health and keeping better goals, but also this week I've researched and read and surfed and devoured blogs trying to get all my ducks in a row for home school.  Monday we begin and I'm so excited to get it started.  I need the school routine back in full swing.  

I'm Reading.......................Still reading Plan BEE by Susan Brackney.  And the scriptures and I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about "The Declaration of Independence" and our American History.  I've been feeling a huge internal push to learn and teach my children about the roots of our country and how the Gospel ties into our American History. 

My Personal Scripture Study......Okay so I decided to add this to my list because I've found this time of my day to be very interesting.  I'm currently reading "The Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ"  I'm not just reading it but taking a lot of time to study each chapter I'm reading so that I make sure I get the full meaning and message that I need in my life at this time.  I'm finding it very interesting and inspiring and it's helping me better teach my children in the mornings during our Family Scripture Study.  I'm using a manual that our church uses for our institute classes and it helps me take a different look at reading the scriptures.  I'm absolutely loving this time of my day now.  It's one of those things that I can't crawl into bed with out remembering to study.  And still loving this time Each evening.  

I'm Grateful For................Freedom,  Freedom to garden, home school, think, and learn as I choose.  Freedom to be at home with my children and Not have to work. 

I'm Praying For.................Insperation as I decided what my kids need to work on the most.  Where my main focus needs to be as far as their education.  Also for the strength to carry out my goals again.  To gain focus to stay on track.  

And I took it with my phone so it's not a very good pic either.
The Dog loved the excitement of this one!!!

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