Saturday, July 16, 2011


 It all began with a Seed then Turned into a seedling

I lost a lot of my plants after placing them in the sun and wind when they were really little.  :(
 Squash plant in a homemade planter my boys made from a tire.
 Bed #3 4x8
  My first Roma tomato that has turned red!  Can't wait to taste it.
 Bed #2 also 4x8
 Bed #1  Also 4x8 This was the first bed we built.  Those cucumbers wilt a little in the heat of the day but by the evening they perk back up.  I worried at first but it's their routine.  My broccoli didn't do anything but i will try again in the fall.  Someone mentioned that it got to hot before it could produce fruit. Live and learn. 
 Yellow Squash
 Bush pumpkin
 Peanut plants.  A trial
 Angle view of all three beds.  Look at those tomatos
Dragon Bean bud

Dragon Beans
 Hilbilly Tomato
Bell Pepper

My garden is looking amazing, (if I do say so myself).

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