Monday, April 18, 2011

Wow its been a while....

Hope your all ready for a load of posts.  LOL  I've been way Super busy.  When weather warms up life gets packed.  So here is my latest and greatest adventures.
First of all baby plants don't like the direct SUN and especially don't like crazy windy days in the sun.  :(  I lost a few of my plants after placing them outside that one day, I also learned my lesson.  However this is what I have left. 

 Remember the baby Cucumbers?  Look at them grow.  They have grown the fastest and the biggest.
 The tomatoes have proven quite a bit harder to grow.  I've stunted their growth a few times by putting them outside.  The kids knocking the cups over.  Them setting them in a window with direct sunlight and drying them out on accident.  But they are still growing and have new leafs finally that have given me hope for some wonderful fruit this year. 
Do you remember the little seeds hidden in the dirt that I kept imagining I could see....?  Well they finally poked through the dirt and have taken off at a wonderful rate.  I'm very pleased with this.  Some of them are from seeds I saved from my garden last year.  

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  1. I bought 2 flowers today...hoping they don't die hehe