Monday, April 18, 2011

Now for my Chicken Coop

That's right,  I have a chicken coop!!!  hehe.  I mentioned that I have been wanting one.  My reasoning is I would like to have the experience and the fresh eggs and the extra responsibilities for the kids.  Well the original thought was just get full grown chickens at the swap-meets in little surrounding towns, then we got excited and ended up buying some little chicks from the farm store.  They were cute last week. lol  they are not as cute now but hopefully we will do everything correctly and have beautiful chickens in about a year.   Yep a year.  But they are suppose to start laying eggs @ about 6 months old.  We shall see how they do.   My amazing husband (as I love to call him) recently completed a job where someone was getting rid of their shed.  So to my surprise he pulls up after work with this building on his trailer.  Saying it's going to be the chicken coop.!  Not exactally what I was hoping for, I was hoping that my boys could build one for me, the dream house of chicken coops.  LOL  I had been taking pix of them collecting ideas from the internet and had a special folder on my computer for this purpose.  ;)  But I am very please with my coop.  Our neighbor tells us that's not a coop it's a chicken mansion.  I hope the chickens think so and produce a wealth of eggs!!!!!!!!!  We have 4 chickens and 1 Rooster so far.  Plus 6 little chicks.  LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!

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