Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Favorite Time of the Day and other thoughts

So today I started my insanity work out hehe.  The kids wanted to join in, which is a good thing, because all this rain has kept them more cooped up than normal.  So the kids and I started our first insanity work out.  Everyone feels like their bodies are made of jelly.  lol.  But in my youngest Son's own words, "Its a good kind of Jelly!"

On to my favorite time of Day.................................It's reading time.  I love seeing my kids curled up with their books.  I love reading the summary they write about what they've read each day.  I love love love that we are past that hard part, where I felt that Reading time meant WAR between mom and 4 kids.  ahhh they are learning to love this time as much as me and after a hard workout to get our blood pumping great this was a fabulous time to take a break with a book, for mind and body!

You know what I also love.....?  That I can start snapping pix in the middle of this quietest of times and my kids find it totally normal and don't even look up anymore, like what are you doing, or to pose.  here are the pix I caught just a few minutes ago.

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