Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beginer Gardening....Wish me LUCK!!

 This is what I started with! cups with 
germinating mix and heirloom seeds ;0)
Do you see that?  Huh do ya?  
Um it might be a pepper plant but it might not!  
I've tricked my self into thinking that I see them 
when really it's a flake of vermiculite. HaHa
 Step #2: Take off the plastic and let those beauties breathe some fresh air and absorb the wonderful Sunshine

 I think they like the Sunshine! ;0)

Grow Tomato Grow! 
 Good Job Baby Cucumber plant Wake Up!
Now onto my Garden Let see how the 
Lettuce, Broccoli, Sweet Peas, and Radishes are coming along!

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