Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Club

A friend of mine had ask me about a book club not to long ago.  I ask a few more of my friends what they thought and one of them had been in a few and understood how to set it up, so we ask her to start one.  We had our first meeting last Thursday and it was fun. We were all ask to read "5 Love Languages", by Gary Chapman.  A really interesting book, if you haven't read it I would definitely recommend in to everyone.  I am the luck person who got to pick the next book, :)  I was so excited to pick and share my favorite book, "Loving What Is" !  I'm posting this because you all are invited.  If you want to come be part of our Book Club each month send me an email and let me know, I will email you more details and add you to the invite list (email).  Hope you decide you would like to come.  BTW  I have this book on CD and I might be able to loan it to you if your interested in borrowing it.  Hope you decide you would like to join us once a month on the LAST Thursday of the month. 

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