Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fresh Baked Bread, YUMMY!

You have got to try this recipe for homemade bread!!!!!  
It is so Delicious!!!!!
 You can find the Recipe here at "The Urban Homemaker"

My Amazing Husband bought me my first mixer ever. "A BOSCH"  I've never owned a kitchen aid are anything close to it and I now have the wonderful mixer that has a Grinder Attachment for grinding my own wheat for wheat bread, cream of wheat and other yummy recipes.  The first bread I made wasn't so wonderful, good yes but not wonderful.  This batch was WONDERFUL! I'll even make you some if you want to buy it! ;)  Okay so now I've raved about my bread let me tell you what else we've  been doing!  

Dirt Bike Riding, Video games, Camping, & a Sleep over with Friends!  Thanks Coons Family we had fun making more memories.

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