Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's left for me???....

Today has been a full day with grocery shopping, chore list rewriting and reorganizing my children's schedules!
I always look back over the chore list and say, "What is left for me to clean?".  With four kids who need a ton of responsibility to keep them busy and to keep the house is order, when you look at my chore charts for them you might say like I do, "What's left for the MOM to do?"  As I thought of this today I realized, I'm the one that goes into the bathroom and says, "Oh no he/she didn't leave tooth paste all over the sink, What did they clean in here?".  Or I'm the one that makes them re vacuum the stairway because they missed the corners where all the dirt really is. I'm the follow up person that makes sure it's done right, the person that reminds them that it must look shiny to pass The MOM TEST!  hehehe   I'm also the laundry Lady.  I make sure everyone has clean clothes.  I also tend to do most of the mopping.  For a bit though it was very hard to let them do all this stuff, because I tend to be very controlling and critical.  But little by little I'm learning to relax and just keep at it.  They will someday figure out the dusting means all the shelves and the tv.  That sweeping includes under the table and in the corners of the kitchen under the edge of the cabinets.  Yep they will eventually understand what looks good and what's expected.  Or I'll learn to just do it myself ;)  Either way we grow and learn from each other.  I thought I would share my chore list with you all in case you need a few ideas for your children.  Oh and if you have other ideas I would be happy to hear them.   Just leave a Comment.  I LOVE COMMENTS!!

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  1. You asked for comments :)

    Don't forget the other chores you do - the meal planning, the grocery shopping, your own room. Who changes the sheets on the beds?

    If you need more ideas for the kids, I love what Lara Gallagher (The Lazy Organizer) came up with a few years ago. I can send you the cards she created if you need more ideas. There's always the deep cleaning - put them on index cards (Lara's idea) and rotate through them. Because at some point, the refrigerator shelves need cleaned, the kitchen chairs need scrubbed (and the legs on the kitchen table too).
    Good job and good luck keeping those kids busy :)