Monday, September 26, 2011

My Homeschool Mothers Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In My Life This PAST Week...............I have been super busy!  I have been on the go so much I have desired just an evening in.......and I finally got ONE.  lol  So last week I wasn't home Mon-Wed. and thought I would have to be gone Mon-Fri.  But along came Thursday and the football game was cancelled due to too much rain in Oklahoma (sigh of relief).  I was able to finally stay at home. I also made some yummy calzones. And then Friday was a very nice day to catch up on all the much needed duties of Home, and that evening our ward had a bbq and served us tri-tip steak.  YUMMY! Then on Saturday evening I enjoyed some service at our stake center in Springfield where we put together quilts and back packs for foster children in Springfield. They two fed us a wonderful dinner, and as a Daughter of God I felt very special.  The table we set elegantly, we served as sisters, were uplifted by each other, and then we listened to Women's General Conference via satellite.  What a great night.  I was able to go with a sweet lady that I enjoy spending time with and learning from.  Thanks "Lady S" I'm grateful we were able to spend some time together. 
In Our Homeschool this past Week............We got into a rut and things felt very bogged down.  We are changing this up this coming week!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey it happens.
Other things My kids have done this week.........My youngest son has hunted for a few squirrels and is learning a lot.  My youngest daughter and I went to the swap meet and I bought a pair chickens a hen and a rooster.  As I was getting ready to walk away my daughter wanted to ask about a white pair.  She ended up buying a  pair of black tail Japanese Bantum's  for $6.75.  She was thrilled.  My oldest daughter and oldest son went to work with Dad at the end of the week, and enjoyed some time with him.
Places We Went...............................We enjoyed "The Lion King" in 3D @ the downtown "Hollywood Theater"  With our friends the "A" Family!  Thanks "A" Family.  We had a good time.  We have also been to football practice, Ward bbq's and a fun Birthday Party on Sunday with the "O" Family. 
My favorite things this past week.............Having an evening of NOTHING to do!!! 
Things I Worked on this past week..............I have made some cute scarves out of yarn and I'm learning how to make them better each one I do.
I'm Praying for.....................Personal Strength with many areas I'm dealing with.

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