Sunday, September 11, 2011

 September 11th, 2011
The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life This Week.......I took time to paint my fingernails, and get pix off my camera card, and I did a little bit of shopping!!!   It's been a great week.  

In Our Homeschool This Week........We accomplished more on our Declaration of Independence Lapbook and had a blast doing them.  We finally started our language arts with Alpha and Omega Life Pacs.  We are continuing to work on our consistency and helping each other stay focused (we often have problems with distracting one another during school work). 

Places Were Going and People We Might See.......We have been so many places you would think we had all the gas money in the world..........but we don't we are just sacrificing in other areas ;)  Practices 2 nights a week, mutual on Wednesdays, Games this week in Tulsa, OK and Willard, Mo.  We been to friends houses to enjoy speedy toys, Friends houses for bbq's and I My husband and I finally did celebrate our 16th anniversary on our date night Friday!!!   So sad I'm going to miss MNO this week.  I hope all the other Moms have a wonderful time, and hopefully I will make it next time!!!! 
My Favorite Things this Week......That my week went better than last week. 

Things I'm Working On.........My Faith,  Faith in every direction of my life! 
I'm Reading.........Finished the Help!  It was alright, I wasn't overly impressed with the ending but the book was okay.  I did finish "Pride and Prejudice" but I'm going through it again because I feel like I didn't catch everything.  I'm REALLY LOVING IT!!!!!

My Personal Scripture Study........I'm going to work a little more on being submissive to the spirit during this time of my day.  I have loved my scripture study, however since football started my time has been a little crazy and I'm tired when we get home and that's when I was having my personal study time.  So wish me luck this week.

I'm Grateful for.....My Daughters,  I was able to spend time with just them on Saturday as the boys went to St. Louis with dad to work.  My girls are growing up so fast and it was nice to get out and do a bit of shopping with them and just hang out with them. 
I'm Praying for......My husband's safe trip this week up North to S. Dakota and back home. 

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