Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Matters Most?

So I've had a couple of crummy days, Not because of anything specific just because...... Sometimes I can't explain my thoughts and feelings, sometimes I just get into a funk and it takes me a few days to get over it.  So yesterday I took time to update my blog and listen to "The Mormon Channel", it's an online Radio station with music, inspirational talks, and conversations with members of our religion and other religions. Anyway, yesterday I cam across a conversation going on with a Stephanie Nielson, the same inspiring woman who blogs at Nienie Dialogues.  I was reading her blog this morning an came across this You Tube Video that I have posted here.   And after reading and watching ...................................yep I feel refreshed and ready to grab up all the Blessing I currently posess and FULLY ENJOY THEM TODAY!  For Today right Now is All I HAVE!  And if tomorrow comes great and if it doesn't great because I'm going to make the most of Today!

Once again from the words of the old turtle on Kung Fu Panda " Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is A Mystery, But Today is A GIFT, That's why we call it The PRESENT"  

Hope Everyone who visits today watches this video and it INSPIRES YOU! to have a great day and enjoy your PRESENT!

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  1. Wow. I told you we were a lot alike...I just watched this video yesterday too. Its amazing how your life can change in just an instant...and for's all over. It made me think about, how do I want my girls to remember me? It is so easy to be in a funk right now. I'm in one too. I feel overwhelmed by the needs of my kids and the constant chatter just makes my head go dull. I'm with you. Nie-nie puts it into perspective. What an amazing family!