Friday, July 11, 2014

Today's garden adventures

Pix of the Garden with my Iphone
the iphone takes good pix but not wonderful pix but this will give you an idea of my growth since July 4th.  
JULY 9th, 2014
Not sure what kind of flower this is but it's very tiny 
This is bee balm!  Really thought this plant would be pretty.  And the flowers are but the plant is very scraggly. 
 Sweet Success and now Let's EAT!
And yes hunny those are your sissors...I couldn't find mine :0/  
NOTE TO SELF.............Next year don't plant onions this close together.  I've stunted them..I think.  And why are they falling over.  Look how pretty these are that I replanted over by the chinese 5 peppers...
I think the onions and peppers like each other.  look how amazing they both look!!!  I will remember this for next year.     Also I found out that you do NOT break the top of the onion over you wait for it to do that on it's own because the onion will stop growing if you break it over.  Also if it's bent over you can tell if you need to pull it by feeling the base of the stem, if it's spongy they go ahead and pull it and let it dry or it will rot and we don't want to waste any of the onions where there is salsa to be made. :)  
Remember the photo I took of the baby cucumber on July 4th???? Um hello guys this is 6 days later.  WOW talk about a fast grower.  When the conditions are perfect I'm going to be in over my head with cucumbers.  I was talking to a lady from our church the other day and she said the season for making sure your car is locked at church is NOW  so people don't pawn off all the extras from their garden on you.  LOL   Isn't that the truth.   Trying to decide if I want to pickle any of these or not.  I'll keep you posted.  

Honey suckle is starting to bloom again and I'm really glad.  I started to worry that it was finished for the year.
Sweet Potatoes are growing I sure do hope they start to climb the trellis.  They are such a pretty plant.  

 Look at that Anaheim pepper!  Yummmy
Here is a recipe I use these peppers for. 

Ever-bearing strawberries are producing again.  We had a ton of rain and very little sun thru JUNE and it zapped all my strawberries. 
Morning glories look great.  They have reached the top of my harbor and are trying to go across the top.  Hope it makes it before they bloom.  Can't wait to have color as you enter my garden gate.  

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