Friday, July 11, 2014

Growth and EGGS!!! Hooray!

Aquaponics JULY 2014

 If I had to quess the size of these tomato plants I would say 7-9 feet.  One is closer to 7 and the other has to be 9 feet tall.   So something is working right.  However, I'm trippng with the filtering.  I'm not loving the cleaning process right now so I am researching a few changes right now.  I will keep you posted on this.  I have a lot of build up and sludge that I'm dealing with.  
This is a snapshot from a video I was taking trying to get a look into this fishes mouth.  LOL  See those white dots in her mouth.....?  Those are eggs.  We have successfully had two female blue tilapia with eggs in their mouth.  The first one made it two days before I noticed she no longer had them and the 2nd one made it 3-4 days before I noticed she was no longer "HOLDING".   Sooo we are doing something right and might be doing something wrong.  LOL  We know that they are laying eggs so conditions are good for that, however I'm not sure if they are eating them or loosing them, if they are stressed out or just learning the process.  This is a first for any of these females so we will continue to press forward and see how things go. 

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