Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2013's The Begining of a Beautiful Garden!

We have worked tirelessly on our garden and the outcome is such a blessing.  Here are a few pix to show the progress. 

This is how we started.  February 2013.  I drew up a design on a piece of paper and showed my husband what I wanted.  As I recall he told me this would cost a lot of money to build!!!!!!!!  There was a lot of wood involved and the prices of lumber are not getting any cheaper.  I told him we could do it in stages a little bit at a time.  But he is my super man and loves me beyond description, so much that the next thing I knew he pulled into the yard with a trailer load of wood to make my garden dreams come true.

  I had already started my seedlings and now they would have a wonderful garden to be planted in.

Then in April we came across a great deal on a greenhouse.  With Aquaponics in mind we bought it and added it to a section of the garden.  LOVE IT!

In April I also started potatoes in cages.  This looked cool but I did something wrong because I didn't get the amount of potatoes I was expecting.  They looked cool though!  Oh and a wonderful garden gate for entrance to my garden and a fence to keep out the wildlife (for the most part)

 May brought on some awesome growth.  :)

June was a very busy month and somehow the garden thrived all the same without as much attention. 

  July brought on some carrots and other yummies!

August had a few more! 

September brought on an ABUNDANCE!  With canning of tomatoes and drying basil and blooming flowers.  Not to mention our favorite pepper jelly being canned.  Fun Fun FUN!!!

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