Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recent adventure to Utah

We were able to attend the Salt Lake Temple for the first time and do sealings

Absorbed all the beauty of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

Made it part of the way up a Mountain near Sandy, Utah

Saw a beautiful fall, I think it was call Bells fall?  I could be wrong

We hiked with our friend Mel, who has lived in Utah for a while now and was able to show us around and take us to some amazing places.

I just LOVE this man!!!!  I'm so grateful he's mine!
A pond near the base of the mountain where Mel saw some small moose playing a couple weeks before. 

Our favorite food "MEXICAN" we ate at this resturant!

On Sunday we went to see our Family in Alpine, Utah where we went to another lake and took some pix on Dennis's Sisters 1st anniversary

We had a blast while we were in Utah,  We rented Sherlock Holmes, a good movie, then on another night we went and watched the new Robinhood moviek, It was GREAT!  We really enjoyed it. 

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